MONDAY 3 November 2014

I was introduced to Michael by Bernard Summner. Michael generously opened his heart to us and encouraged his friends to work with the young people I work with. The result was and still is, that young people with special needs from the inner city area of Salford and Manchester, collaborating and coming into contact with inspirational artists. Michael is and was an individual who clearly had an impact on many lives.

Michael Appleyard

MONDAY 3 November 2014

We remember Michael H. Shamberg.

MONDAY 3 November 2014

Dear Michael,

"Do another turtle?"
became your last words to us a few months ago.
We cannot believe at all that we are not able to do anything together again.
Your personality, energy and intelligence working on turtle anarchic salon
gathering with artists, filmmakers, musicians and poets
kept us in the state of dreaming, realizing and enjoying art alongside you for 8 years.
We believe and experienced that turtle generates and shares generously a new and rich alternative artistic life,
in urban and rural, anytime, hopefully forever.
Thank you so much, Michael.
Thanks for sharing and connecting your anarchic creativity, interests, discoveries and your friendships
-all of it seems to have no limits.
Rest in peace, with love

nüans (Anna Heidenhain, Elmar Hermann, Maki Umehara)

Memory of turtle in 2006

The Fit / Turtle - an anarchic Salon

MONDAY 3 November 2014

Tristesse immense
Adieu Michael, mon ami...

Philippe Découflé