You Say You Want a Revolution.

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Jamie Dalglish invites you to listen to a private set called CONTAINER on SoundCloud.

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A Selective Guide to Openings and Special Events

PERFORMANCE CONTAINER, the Kitchen The new wave art wave we'll call it. Painter and video artist Jamie Dalglish, in collaboration with George Elliott, has put together a rock performance group, a five-person band, a 10- year-old singer called Andes, dancers, and a film and video crew-- though to what end no one quite knows. Most of Soho has been carping that music is more interesting than art these days; Dalglish and company have determined to do something about it. October 26-27. ( Kay Larson )


"dear michael,
how are you?

we were asking ourself
if you had seen the videos of our 'turtle' gig at Arnaud's Gallery
if not, here they are:

Arnaud Lefebvre

it was a great moment for us,
we were very proud to be there
and very touched by Arnaud's ( and Ivana's) kindness

so thank you very much,
one more time!

i send you some pictures
hoping they will meet you,
i hope you will like them

warm regards



W.A. Mozart KV 313 Ausschnitt Adagio ma non troppo Andrea Loetscher, Flöte, Musikkollegium Winterthur, Johannes Schlaefli, Leitung

More infos about Andrea on www.andrea-loetscher.com

A Special Effect

I don't know -

He is nice -

Man from the place -

I believe you Satan -

Anna Domino

Light Downtown - Download

R(h)ythm - Download

If You Won't - Download

aka Snakefarm

Sadie - Download

Johnny - Download

Lady 'O - Download

Nick Cash

- "Spacey Siseck"

The title came about because the images conjured up by the music brought to mind, space, free floating in space stations, space travel.

Spacey Siseck

New Order Download

This is a free download from New Order concert at the Paradise Garage of dj Larry Levan with Keith Haring often there and no bar just water and I set it up for my first New Order music video "Confusion" and it bring back many good memories. Enjoy! new-order-live-the-paradise-garage-1983-bootleg I have to write about this one with Charles Sturridge directing and Ed Lachman director of photography. Read about others at www.kinoteca.net

The first video I produced with New Order.


Paul Clifford


dear friend and composer for Derek Jarman...

MySpace page


Paul Clifford


Here is the Lyric sheet for Snapper. The song came from true story
of my now wife and I saving a Snapper from being run over by trucks
during mating season in southern Ontario Canada, Guelph to accurate.

cheers, thanks for your interest.


6/8 [8 bars]

He lives in a swamp, and he eats grass and frogs
sometimes you can see him lurking behind the weeds
he's a sleeper in the daylight, a snapper into the night
on a bad day you'll find him friendly, until you give him a fright
[shake into 6/8]

6/8 [4 bars]

one morning when the moon was still one the leaves
he went for a walk, the highway was busy with trucks in gear
and spring was into the air
with moments before the otherside
he heard a roar come to a halt [6 over 4]
what looked like a crazy creature
came waving about

What is in the winters mind of a turtle?
What is in the winters mind of a turtle?
What is in the winters mind... of a turtle?
[shake into 6/8]

6/8 solo [8 bars]

he never thought he could ever fly
but the air tickled his heart
before he knew it he was back at home
all wet and alone
he would try once again when the moon hit the sky
and drifted into the night
[6 over 4 with shake into 6/8]

6/8 [8 bars]